The UI/UX project is a group from a final year project and their design research is slightly different from other projects. User testing and iterative design are embedded into their design process.

by Ray


Procrastination happened in every day, every time, even every second in our daily life. Harriott and Ferrari (1996) found procrastination to be a prevalent behaviour among students and adults, hampering their ability to successfully complete tasks on time. Elizabeth & Anthony (2006) mentioned that graduate school is, by its very nature, a stressful environment, with both the quality and quantity of tasks to be accomplished contributing to the fear of failure that marks many students’ tendencies to procrastinate.

Cat volunteers
by Mak Yi Ting Melissa


The design is hoped to be cross platform design. The users’ role will evolve through level of experience changing and during each stage. They would require different kinds of deliverables to meet certain targets.

User case studies in anatomy flowchart in different service mobile applications were done in capstone 1 , as it was one proposed deliverable when the project was still focusing on how cat’s volunteers perform their daily tasks and pattern on how they communicate.

The website will include pages of each activities which introduce how it run and people can participate the activities in pages.Also, it will include a page call " 區 區 有 貓 ", user can directly click specific location on map to review the fedral cats' infomration around them and visit their location. Also they can posted photos they found satified to share in the webpage to involve a invisible interaction.

Independent Volunteer Working flow

Organisation Volunteer Working flow

When people accumulate a certain level of points on the website in the rewarding system and they are interested in performing more voluntary service, they could shift to using mobile applications.The mobile application aims to benefits cat's volunteer daily practice and to allow more expereience of the new comers.

Stick with me

A world-wide survey from OECD held in 2015, interviewed youngsters in over 40 developed countries about their life satisfaction, revealed Hong Kong teenagers are the third last. Besides, There is a survey about well-being of Hong Kong teenagers held by Hong Kong Christian Service (HKCS) in 2018, it indicates that almost 40% of the interviewee feel not happy with their life. It signifies that the sense of well-being of Hong Kong teenagers is very low compared to other countries.



Emotion stickers
What emotions? So as to wholly covering all the emotions in the stickers, it is fundamental to understand the feelings and emotions. I have referred to the emotion wheel from Abby Vanmuijen. There are a total six main emotions and along with related emotions respectively.

What sticker? In order to maintain the consistency of the sticker design, I decided create a main character for each emotion and develop other related stickers. These related stickers include some quotes and objects. On the other hand, some pattern and plain colour stickers will also be provided, so as to provide them enough materials to create different combinations and their own unique journal.

What sticker format? Stickers can have many different forms, such as a roll, die cut individually or on a piece. The character and the related sticker will present in an individual die cut format, instead of on a piece. As without grouping them on a piece, it can avoid limiting the choice of the sticker for the users.

Besides, the pattern sticker will present as a sticker sheet, as it gives full scope to creativity for the users, they can cut it with scissors or tear it by hand as they wish. Plain colour sticker tape, furthermore, will be provided in the journal kit for other uses, such as neutralising the journal layout with other stickers, attaching users’ stuff (e.g. photos, tickets) on the journal or writing note on it.

Social media app is another main focus in this project, as it used to assist with the journal to carry out some of the objectives. Besides of the basic social platform to share users’ journals, make friends, likes and comments or the list go on, there will also be some specialised functions included in the app. Firstly, a video auto generator is provided for the users to record their journaling process, as that is the most soothing event. With the sticker tearing or even the writing sound, it is stress-relieving to watch.

Secondly, ‘a quote of the day’ and ‘emotion summary’ are allocated for each journal. With the use of stickers, it can generate the emotion summary of the day. Based on that, a quote of the day will be allocated to it, in order to inspire or encourage them.

Thirdly, the app can link you with users around the world who share similar journals with you. With such common ground, users who are connected can have sharing based on their journal content and potentially be friends.

In order to make the journal handy, all the material, like stickers and stationary, will be stored in one package. Therefore whenever they want to make their journey, they can open the box.

Besides the basic materials, there will be a journal collection box in the packaging, users can put the journal inside after they finish journaling and recording. It is an individual box. So after the whole year, they can take it out and store it as they wish.

Apart from that, there is a video auto generator as mentioned,

so the packaging will have an extension phone stand for the user to put their phone on it and record the journaling process. As well as the lid of the packaging will be the working table for journaling.

by Fong Hiu Ying


Quirks can be unacceptable sometimes but, in most situations, they are just the little actions that make you feel better intentionally or unintentionally. There is no right or wrong, good, or bad if it is not reaching any moral situation in the modern era such as hurting someone or yourself mentally or physically.

This project would like to let the target audience resonate with their behaviors and let them try not to see others with a prejudiced viewpoint.

The design would be visualized in abstract pop-art graphic style with playful and flattened graphics or illustrations to match the modern feel and the theme of weird things or quirks.

Redesign from MiTV

Higher Diploma in Multimedia Design and Technology (discontinue in 2019 )


MiTv is a box designed by the Mi technology sales network TV set top box. As a high technology product. Our project is suitable for everyone who are using MiTV set-top box in anytime. This device is for the whole world people so the design of the interface of the mitv should be clear and beautiful and it can fulfill the taste of everyone.


Day To-Day
Tsui Pansy


In Hong Kong, no matter whether students or adults encounter lots of workload each day, it is not uncommon that our schedule is crammed with different tasks. According to the world happiness index, Hong Kong only ranked at 77 and scored 5.477 out of 10, which shows that most of the Hong Kong citizens do not feel delighted about their lives in recent years.

After dealing with this kind of pressure each day, I would always have a thought pop up in my mind: " everyday is tedious and repeated in my life.” Personally, it is hard for me to find motivation towards everyday life because I do not find life interesting, everyday is the same from my view.

My hypothesis is that such kind of repetitive and busy schedule does not create much freshness in our life, which is making our life living in a dull and repeated schedule, which is easy to lead to negative emotion, therefore adding some little spark moments to add some details in life could enhance the entertainment and satisfaction in life.

Sin & Lyubomirsky (2009) suggested that some simple cognitive and behavioral activities which people can apply in daily life have been found to foster happiness. Therefore, the method and advantage of practicing a sense of ritual would be emphasized and explored in my capstone project, and attempt to find out the positive relationship between well-being or sense of ritual to enhance people's happiness of life.

Practicing behaviour related to sense of ritual is a kind of lifestyle that is gradually on the rise, especially among adolescents. People would adopt simple action which is different from their daily routines like cooking a plentiful breakfast to create freshness in their life, or doing something unique with friends to create a feeling of ‘ritual’.

In this project, application design will be the main element to support people to build up their personal routines, as application is an indispensable part in our daily life, which is easily accessible and convenient for use. Also, more function could be included and the daily activities could be tracked through the mobile app.

Besides the application, some of the daily objects would also be included in such project, it works as a little side product to participate in user’s daily life, to practice daily rituals with users together to strengthen the user experience tangibly.

After doing several user test, user is suggested they want limited task in a day because if there are too many selection, it is hard for them to pick as there are too many choices.

Therefore, I limited the numbers of the mission, and try to ask few question about the user preference, and leading them to the task that they would be interested in.

A packaging belt is designed for each of the daily object, like the cultery or larger items. A belt with pattern will be wrapped on the product packaging to represent the brand identity, and it will be utilised in different size of packaging. The pattern are mainly some daily object related to people’s impression about sense of ritual, such as hand-made stuff, flowers or coffee such common items in daily live. There would

be a QR code included for user to scan and suggest them to download the application, and encourage them to use such daily object to practice the rituals together.