Depending on the students' own interests, they can join one of the non-commercial (NGO) projects already described. In the process they will have the opportunity to solve the client's design problems within the given constraints, e.g. information, time, budget, space, human resources etc. As this is a group project, good interpersonal skills and team management are important factors for success.

In addition, this is a multifaceted task. In order to successfully complete the project, the following aspects have to be handled very carefully.

Cue cards for Pok Oi Hospital Accident and Emergency Department

For this project, the students created a set of cue cards for the accident and emergency department of the Pok Oi Hospital. These cue cards were made to help communication between doctors, nurses and patients from ethnic minorities, especially Pakistanis and Nepalis.

e-Directory for Pok Oi Hospital Accident and Emergency Department

The purpose of this project is to help visitors to navigate inside Pok Oi Hospital’s core building. The kiosk interface and structure design which involved the layout design, photos selection, content selection, typography selection, color tone, structure and style of e-directory, etc.

A workable prototype of the E-directory system, a presentation and a demo video for demonstrating the use of the s