Art Direction

In this subject students will observe, critique and analyse case studies of art direction for a variety of media so that they can develop a personal vision and approach for directing their communication design projects. The subject will not be medium specific; students will learn art direction for a broad spectrum of contexts and media including books, television, film, newspapers, advertisements, theatre, music videos, motion graphics, online visuals, fashion, music albums, packaging, exhibitions, etc.

The subject is divided into two parts, in the first part students will work in teams to take part in the D&AD Challenge. After the competition, students will developing their own practice based on their design history as an independent.

The Brief

D&AD Competition -
Hellmann Project

Licking is the core concept that promotes this brand. If a person likes and cherishes food, he will eat all the food on his plate or fingers, including the sauce. Licking is therefore an important. Licking is therefore an important action to combat food waste.

D&AD Competition -
Hasbro Project

Storytellers’ is a game that players build a story together, with the aid of the object cards. Every player takes turn to be the storyteller and create a reasonable linkage using your object cards. The players would try to guide the plot towards their own endings. The one who play out all the object cards and create a reasonable ending with the ending card will be the winner.

Redesigning a supermarket's own packaging design

A young and trendy option to all customers

A little joyfulness in a hectic daily life Have motivation to buy it and try it

Create a new brand identity by combining vintage and modern styles in craft beer.