The undergraduate capstone project is a year-long independent project which allows you top put academic learning into practice.

Specifically, this project involves selecting a communication design related problem or issue — and in some cases, a concept — and exploring the optimal means, techniques, and strategies to address it.

Sub City

A design project about changing poverty image of waste pickers in Hong Kong.


What do you think of a waste picker? poor? Or ragged? These are all stereotypes that people have about Hong Kong waste pickers. In fact, when we look at the data and talk to the waste pickers, we discover the "secret" that they become waste pickers. Not only because of poverty but also because of their flexible working hours and killing time, etc. However, these stereotypes lead to degrading behaviors by citizens towards waste pickers and cause damage to their psychology. "Subcity" is a design that hopes to change the poor image of Hong Kong waste pickers. By changing the image, improving the work environment and increasing communication, establishing the importance of waste pickers to the society and the recycling industry, and creating a positive perception of the citizens. Citizens will no longer verbally and physically bully them because of stereotypes. Also, to protect the working safety of waste pickers through the design.

Three Metamorphoses

The metamorphoses are the three massive paradigm shifts one has to go through to move on to the next step, until one finally becomes a Child.


「變二」 contains the meaning of “transformation” and “turning into stage two”, which symbolizes the aim of this project— to provide guidance to young adults to transform into stage two of three metamorphoses.

The concept of three metamorphoses was a self development concept suggested by a German philosopher Nietzsche in 1885. Therefore, for the font of the proj- ect, I chose serif typefaces since it can lend a traditional feel to the whole design.

Sea You Again

The travel kit encourages users to experience water journeys. An all-rounded set of items that enhance the experience of the passengers. The deliverables also take care of the users from the moment they get in touch with the first information, with respective items online and offline to guide users step by step.




An experimental typography design to provide emotional experience regarding Hong Kong Cantonese