User-centered design project
Pedestrian guidance signage

Recommendations of the "02 Signage Artwork Design" pedestrian guidance signage system in Hong Kong 

Clive NG , Brian Kwok
Information Design Lab (IDL)

Project objectives

The aim of the project was to provide recommendations for ARUP's existing '02 Sign Art Design', which was based strictly on the results of the August user testing  and guidance from the TPDM  and SEGD white papers . The recommendations will focus on legibility, Colour contrast and Information hierarchy all of which were similar items tested in the August user test. This project will not provide design solutions and decisions, as the role of IDL is based on usability studies, not on creativity or aesthetics.   

Information Design Lab (IDL)

IDL is dedicated to investigating what makes the design of information accessible and easy to understand. The IDL’s primary focus is on the processes influencing how people recognise, make sense of, process, remember and learn various types of information. IDL adopts user- centered research methods to ensure that solutions are accessible, usable, understandable, as well as attractive for the intended users.

Recommendation report

IDL will provide recommendations on the '02 Sign Art Design'. the results and data from the August user test and guidance from the TPDM and SEGD white papers will be incorporated into the conclusions of these recommendations. Items examined include: legibility of the typography in the Gateway maker, colour contrast on the map, colour brightness of the Gateway maker background, and the information hierarchy of the typographic placement in the Gateway maker and on the map. The recommendations will be in the form of a report which will be used to recommend the options available to enhance the '02 logo artwork. The objective of the report is to compare the options, recommend those in terms of readability, colour contrast and hierarchy of information, and to support the recommendation. IDL will not have responsibility for setting up guidance and revision of the design.

System Enhancement

Introduction of an user-friendliness and accessible grid system to enhance pleasing searching and reading experience

Legibility Enhancement

Colour contrast on the map
Legibility of the typography on the map

Based on the TPDM and SEGD 2012 ADA White Paper

Information Enhancement

Colour brightness of the Gateway maker background

Based on the user testing in August and light reflectance value measurement



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