During my eleven year service as an instructor and Teaching fellow in the School of Design, I worked closely with the HDMDT, BAIM, BACD and Foundation year program management team, especially contributing digital visualisation, prototyping and programming knowledge to the subject component and issues in the subject implementation. In the last semester, I appointed as subject coordinator and teaching staff of SD1208 Interactivity 1, SD4263 Capstone project 2: communication design, SD2263 Studio 2: information, SD2264 user studies seminar, SD3250 production technologies for communication design, SD4262 Capstone project 1: Communication design

Subjects and
student works

BA(Hons) in Communication Design
BA (Hons) in Interactive Media - PolyU Design

Capstone Project

User research Project

Coop Project 


Art Direction




Physical Computing

Higher Diploma in Multimedia Design and Technology

Information Design

The best design teaching methodology is one that is flexible, student-centered, and results-oriented. Effective design teaching methodologies include: